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Wedding Insurance - Protect Your Future

Most weddings will end up costing more than a car, and would you drive your car without insurance? but most future husband and wife will risk their wedding plans without any insurance. If you compare the cost of house,car and personal insurance you will see wedding insurance costs far less. So a relatively small amount of money for your wedding insurance premiums will bring peace of mind.

Wedding insurance policies will cover you against certain circumstances that will affect your wedding day, if weather is to affect the wedding or the reception until it needs to be cancelled then your covered. The same policy will cover you against the car supplier or caterer not turning up and even if bride or room as an accident that makes attending impossible you will be happy to know your covered too. For a low wedding insurance premium your policy will cover all of your wedding day suppliers and events and compensate which can leave you in a difficult situation.

When you start to plan your special day one of the first thing that you should do is get wedding insurance, this is too ensure before you put deposits or pay in full for anything you have the insurance policy in place to cover you if the other party lets you down.

A good wedding insurance policy will cover you for the following items:

* Cancellation of wedding (it won't include cold feet)

* wedding attire-including rings and dress including groom, brides maids and best man

* Cancellation of wedding venue and reception

* Suppliers- caterer,flowers, photographer etc

* Personal accident liability for bride and groom

* gifts

Planning and organising your wedding can be a very enjoyable and fun experience as it leads up to one of the most important days of our life's. We don't except anything to go wrong and normally it does not, but it's very reassuring to know if anything ever does go wrong you have wedding insurance to give you peace of mind. When you start to plan your wedding day and confirm the suppliers, take out your wedding insurance policy at the same time. This will give you the maximum period of cover and you can now focus on your special day knowing you have insurance for your wedding.

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1 comment:

InstantMommy said...

This is interesting.

My husband and I are professional life insurance advisers here in the Philippines. I can say that the insurance coverages being offered in our country are quite limited. This is the first I've read about a wedding insurance.

Your blog is a good resource for insurance articles. I'll keep checking back. :D

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