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Insurance is really important and those who takes insurance has a greater amount of security compared to those who don't that 's why all the governments around the world stress more importance on individuals to take Insurance.

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What Do I Do First to Sell Insurance?

If you're a new producer you're all hyped up about how you're going to earn over $100,000 this year. You know almost nothing about what you're selling. And, you don't have a clue who you're going to sell it to beyond your list of 100.

If you do what the insurance industry tells you to do industry statistics indicate you're doomed. The average new producer might sell $20,000 in year one and about half-way through year two they realize they're up a creek without a paddle. So if you want to earn that $100,000 you have visions of, realize now you aren't likely to do it doing what you're told to do.

Your district sales manager doesn't have a clue how to actually help you produce results other than to tell you to do stupid things like make more cold calls. You'd be shocked to learn how much insurance some of the top producers are actually selling, and not in a positive way. And beyond helping you get your license you're on your own.

I know this is probably like a slap in the face for some of you, and some of you may think I don't know what I'm talking about. I shouldn't know what I'm talking about either because I've never sold or even attempted to sell insurance in my life. Unfortunately, I've learned these harsh facts through my clients. And LIMRA provides the solid data that validates that these are the facts.

Actually this is all good news for you because you don't have to make the mistakes that will cause you to fail out of the business in less than two years like at least 85% of the new agents entering the business. You can use your resources wisely, and develop a solid business from the start rather than trying to make a failing business survive. There's a very simple reason the current industry practices don't work.

You and the insurance company you work with have different objectives. In a sense the insurance company is no different than a manufacturer the main concern for both is selling more widgets. The insurance industries widgets are policies, but all they care about is selling more policies and collecting more premiums.

Their focus is product, product, product. The big problem is your clients don't care about products. They care about problems, results, and outcomes. And they don't want to buy products.

So the industry trains you to go out and talk product speak following the pitch they force you to memorize, and you fall flat on your face. Why? This is supposed to be a killer pitch that people absolutely can't resist.

You and your prospect are talking completely different languages and, not only don't they care what you're saying, they don't want to care. You can't win. You're doomed before you ever start.

You have the exact same problem the poor dude trying to sell Amway has. The Amway company is all about selling boxes of soap. The Amway dude bought into the idea of having their own business. And the customer thinks they can buy soap anywhere anytime, and they aren't interested in buying soap especially expensive soap sold door to door.

I hope you see the direct analogy because even though you may think what you're doing is so much more valuable than selling soap it isn't to the people you're trying to sell to. They can buy insurance anywhere anytime. They don't need to buy it from you. They've never once woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat wondering how they're going to make it until morning when they can go out and buy insurance.

So here's the first thing you should do. Make it your number one priority. Pick one and only one very specific group of people you're going to sell to. Don't shrug that off because it's the key to your success.

Don't make this choice lightly either. Consider how many people there are like that in your market. Only choose groups where you have opportunities to connect with them. Otherwise you won't exist in their world.

The next most important thing for you to do is find out the three most important things they already want, and are actively looking for a solution to.

Knowing the intricate details of policies isn't important it won't make you any money and you can't do anything with that knowledge until you have someone to sell to, and a clear reason why they need you. Then and only then are policies and policy details important.

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