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How to Find High Risk Oregon Car Insurance For Cheap

If you are an Oregon resident and have been deemed as "a danger on the road", don't despair; this article will walk you through how to find high risk Oregon car insurance for cheap. First we'll walk through what characterizes a high risk driver, and then give you a few tips to bring down your insurance premium. Finding cheap car insurance, whether you're in OR, are considered high risk or not often involves the same steps.

What Is A High Risk Driver?

To break it down into simple terms, a high risk driver simply means that the insurance companies statistically can prove that you have a higher risk to be involved in an accident, not pay your bill, or get a ticket.

If you have one or more of the following factors, most likely you have found the unfortunate spot of a high risk driver: low credit score, 3+ moving violations in a 3 year period, 2+ at-fault accidents in a 3 year period, license suspension, DUI, SR-22 request, lapse of insurance due to non-payment or non-renewal, and young drivers between the ages of 16-25.

Finding Cheap High Risk Oregon Auto Insurance Rates

To ensure that you can find cheap high risk Oregon auto insurance, just utilize the advice that anyone can use to lower your premium. (And, of course, drive safely).

1. Know your discounts. There are available discounts that revolve around other things than safe driving. If you are a young driver, maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better and receive a substantial discount. If you have multiple vehicles, combine them onto one policy for a discount. Insure your auto and homeowners with the same company for a discount on both policies.

2. Sell your 2008 BMW and buy a 1995 Toyota Corolla. The more expensive your vehicle is to replace, the more expensive it is to insure. Also, with an older vehicle you can stick with the liability coverage, whereas a newer vehicle will require comprehensive and collision.

3. Compare leading auto insurers to local insurers. This is the most important aspect to finding cheap high risk car insurance. Certain insurance companies may specialize in high risk drivers and be able to offer a better rate than some of the main auto insurance companies.

Don't Delay - Find The Cheapest High Risk Oregon Car Insurance Today!

Although finding cheap high risk Oregon car insurance isn't the easiest task, make it simple for yourself by beginning immediately and comparing rates online.

Get started comparing Oregon car insurance quotes today!

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